Wednesday, October 30, 2019

October Fun... Ferncliff Cemetery Mausoleum Crawl

    Cool, crisp weather and amazing colored foliage....what could be better? 
    How about walking through a cemetery at night time, carrying lanterns and peeping into mausoleums?
    If that sounds intriguing to you, then two October events hosted at Ferncliff Cemetery and Arboretum here in Springfield, Ohio may appeal to you! The cemetery is amazing and there is so much history to be discovered for those who are interested. This post reviews the Mausoleum Crawl.
    The Mausoleum Crawl is a night time event. This was the 4th annual crawl, and it was on Friday night.  Cost for the event was $10 per amazing value for this tour! The crawl registration fills up quickly, so I made sure to register as soon as I saw the announcement. 
    The weather was and clear. Perfect for taking a look inside some of the mausoleums and hearing about the history not only of the occupants, but also of the history of the times.              
    A local historian, Kevin Rose of the Turner Foundation, conducted the crawl. As we walked and peeped, he related anecdotes about mausoleums. He talked about mausoleums in general, and while he did talk in depth about the occupants and their contributions to Springfield history, his narratives didn't stop there. He included history of the times when these folks lived and also included interesting information about the architectural styles of the mausoleums. Combining his insights with lantern-lit walks through the cemetery added up to a wonderfully macabre evening!

    Here are some of my pics from the event....I hope that they convey the feeling of night time in the mausoleums!

Bushnell Mausoleum

Local historian Kevin Rose tells us about the Gladfelter Mausoleum.

Kevin Rose discussing the McGilvray Mausoleum

The Blee Mausoleum

Inside the Mast Mausoleum looking out at the Mast Mausoleum
Inside peep of the Bookwalter-Leffel Mausoleum

Night time walk by lantern light through the cemetery

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